Home improvement fund allocation key

      Home improvement fund allocation key

      1, the living room bedroom light. "There are more and more forms of small lie hall", so as to put some more for the living room, bedroom decoration spend less. The living room decoration is the most important feature of the family, roof, wall, pulp processing not only higher quality, better material, and decoration techniques to the novel. In the distribution of furniture and accessories with Jun, the living room share should be the largest in the entire budget. On the contrary, the bedroom renovation and decoration with simple, warm, without too cut and polish.

      2, the distinction of top surface, wall and floor. Currently the furniture in the room clear height generally relatively low, about between 2.5 ~ 2.8 m, in order not to produce depressive feeling, simple is appropriate to the top of the room. Wall decoration is also easy to. This will not only save money, the effect is better. For the decoration of the ground is required under the time, because the quality and color of the ground decoration materials, decided the room decoration style, and the use of the frequency of the ground is significantly higher than the wall and top. On the ground material, composite wood floor texture, good decorative effect is more suitable for family use.

      3, kitchen, bathroom focus on investment. The kitchen is the most of the family in the pipeline, the most annoying when fitting. Put more money into the kitchen, it is worthwhile to make the kitchen a bit more beautiful. Kitchen furniture as a whole has gradually been valued, this is the new trend of the kitchen revolution. Bathroom decoration also has the same problem, because many bathroom ventilation and lighting are very poor, so to make some efforts in the decoration, put some money is worth it.

      How to save money in the decoration

      1, reasonable wiring, saving materials, hydropower is the most prone to foundation engineering problems, so the layout of wires, water pipes, water, to consider the future life convenience and to avoid wasting materials.

      2, pay attention to practicability: different wood materials prices vary greatly, as little as possible to do modeling, thickened plate, custom lines, the decoration is best to go to the store to see their favorite furniture, shoe racks, cabinets and other prices were compared.

      3, the preferred brand products: latex paint products under the banner of "high", "new technology" label a lot, generally only buy famous brand of ordinary goods on the line. We should make good use of business holiday promotional price war.

      4, use the off-season decoration concept: such as Spring Festival carpenter, bricklayer just back to the city, hand can meet live, decoration company in the opening years will have many offers, there is plenty of time to discuss the price.

      House decoration is not a spur of the moment, we are less likely to re decoration of the house, so the choice of decoration materials, not the province of the province do not, greedy small cheap will only let you penny wise and pound foolish, let you pay more and reduce the quality of home.
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